School District

Who Are We?

A public high school set on over a 220 acre campus on the banks of the Taunton River, Bristol Aggie prepares competent, passionate and engaged students for today's expanding global landscape. For over 100 years, students have graduated from this elite institution, their postsecondary aspirations and keen sense of purpose shaping the direction of their educational experience. With 6 agricultural science majors and 6 concentrations to choose from, as well as rigorous academics, Bristol Aggie provides the perfect balance in education.

Vocational Program Offerings While working toward their high school diplomas, students have the opportunity to explore careers in each of our fields. At the start of Term 4 of their Freshman year, students are placed in their agricultural area of focus. Bristol Aggie offers the following vocational majors:

  • Agricultural Mechanics
  • Animal Science (4 concentrations)

    • Equine Science
    • Livestock and Dairy Management
    • Veterinary Science & Research Animal Technology
    • Companion Animals

  • Arboriculture
  • Floriculture
  • Landscape Design and Contracting
  • Environmental Conservations (2 concentrations)

    • Environmental Engineering
    • Natural Resource Management

Academic Rigor Our academic offerings prepare students for life beyond high school and include rigorous Advanced Placement (AP), Honors level, and College Preparation level programs. Additional opportunities for students interested in earning college credit while enrolled at Bristol Aggie are available through several Articulation Agreements and Dual Enrollment courses. Our agricultural science departments work collaboratively with post-secondary institutions and industry partners ensuring a rigorous and relevant vocational program.