Bristol County Agricultural High School supports strong academic and vocational/technical programs that focus on agriculture and the natural environment. We believe agricultural education offers a unique pathway to prepare students for lifelong learning.


Bristol County Agricultural High School has as its mission to provide an opportunity for acquiring a high quality academic, vocational/technical and social education that prepares our students for the changing world. We are committed to providing the means for intellectual, emotional, ethical, social, and physical growth, as well as an appreciation for cultural and ethnic diversity, which will assist every individual to become an informed and productive participant in our democratic society.


· Assume responsibility for one's own behaviors

· Demonstrate a willingness to resolve conflicts responsibly

· Maintain high moral and ethical standards

· Contribute to the well-being and welfare of others within and outside the school community


· Make positive contributions to the community

· Demonstrate, through consistent action, an understanding and respect for the principles of a democratic society